An alternative to download my characters if you can't download them on Mugen Archive.
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ファイル コメント オリジナル 容量 日時
RedDevil.rar There's a devil inside him.RedDevil.rar58.8 MB21/10/04 07:14107
Crazy-Catastrophe_1_5.rar CC 1.5 patch for MUGEN 1.0.Crazy-Catastrophe_1_5.rar22.2 MB21/10/04 07:1818
ExtremeDonald.rar A strange edit I did years ago...ExtremeDonald.rar27.4 MB21/10/04 07:2317
YouDeserveDeath.rar Random Mario edit.YouDeserveDeath.rar18.2 MB21/10/04 07:2613
err_connection_refused.rar She loves to glitch MUGEN.err_connection_refused.rar43.9 MB21/10/04 07:3324
DTM.rar DontTouchMe; Mario edit.DTM.rar13.6 MB21/10/04 07:3612
%.rar Will obliterate his opponent.%.rar31.3 MB21/10/04 07:4220
TheEndl.rar %/The End (Supernull version).TheEndl.rar31.3 MB21/10/04 07:4722
Afterainbow.rar Taste the rainbow.Afterainbow.rar32.0 MB21/10/04 07:5219
plzdontkillmeeeeeh.rar Don't kill her, she's too cute...plzdontkillmeeeeeh.rar23.8 KB21/10/04 07:5321
9470bb12e8a4f34476.rar  f‹Ž ÓÊ f‹Ž Óʁ&UUB?V...9470bb12e8a4f34476.rar30.8 MB21/10/04 07:5865
Enigma.rar Loves geometry... I think.Enigma.rar96.4 MB21/10/17 23:4437
u001A.rar She really doesn't like colors...u001A.rar50.5 MB22/01/07 19:3044
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